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Top 5 tips to kill the Bounce Rate

More than half of the websites that are launched over the Internet in order to attract traffic and realize the business goals suffer from a serious problem, i.e. Killing Bounce Rate and if unable to fight with it, they are ultimately buries under the debris of dead websites. Sometime, high end SEO services are found to be ignoring the bounce rate and thus seriously harming the website and business performance. 

Now, one will ask what precisely Bounce Rate is?

The accurate definition of bounce rate is the amount (in percentage) of people that are arriving on your website and leaving the website without performing any operation or visiting any other page. It is an important and crucial indicator of whether the audience that is coming to your website is getting what they had came for and whether your services or design is meeting your visitor’s expectations or not?

If we try to define it via actions, then these four actions are an indicator of unmet expectation and indirectly unwanted performance:

  • Clicking the Back Button

  • Closing the tab or browser itself

  • Typing a new URL in the address bar

  • Session timeout (a result of doing nothing)

The higher the number of such acts is, the bigger the loss you will suffer. The main concern is that your website and practices are not able to convert the sales into business actions. More importantly, no SEO services can curb such acts in case they don’t know the origin of problem. In order to help you and your SEO team deal with such problems, here is a list of top 5 SEO techniques that will help you acquire a better branding, killing bounce rates and thus promotions via word of mouth.

  1. Prioritize Yourself – This means that your first focus must be on your website. See the changes you need to enforce right now, ensure what is needed there is present. Moreover, target the right tags, usage of relevant and important keywords in right amount and keep all your campaigns up to date, synonymous to latest changes always. 

  2. Practice Segmentation – If you are dealing in multiple services then just don’t pack all your services into one bundle for the sake of saving your bucks instead employ different SEO techniques and campaign for each distinct services for higher traffic inflow. The varieties will also help you to identify which trick is working for you and not!

  3. Long Loading times are just irritating– There is nothing worse that you can give to your customers than a long loading websites that just does not loads on time. It will only amplify your bounce rates taking it to the zenith. Whether you have a strong brand name already, too long load timing is a big no. 

  4. Social Media is the key- Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social bookmarking tools are pretty useful to invite and target the customers and clients and thus leveraging the strong conversions. The more focus you will lay, the better and favorable your results will come out. Gradual and steady increase should be expected rather than a tsunami of traffic. 

  5. Be honest- It holds true anywhere, be it offline or online Internet Marketing Services. Be true to your customers whether through SEO campaigns or offers. By false promises, clever Internet marketing campaigns you can bring them to your website but ultimately lose them forever in long run. Consumers are short tempered to dishonest ads and services.

Get to the top of profits and branding with these tactics. Find the right firm providing solutions to curb Bounce rate effectively, which is a tough job in itself. 

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