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Tips to improve the user count of an e-commerce website

In recent years, e-commerce websites have become very popular. Thus, a large number of e-commerce websites have appeared on the internet, which has increased the competition among them. The main aim of all the e-commerce websites is to be user-friendly so as to provide an easy and time saving option of shopping to the users. Every e-commerce has its own speciality and drawbacks; it may lack some features that other e-commerce platforms offer or it may have any extraordinary feature that others do not possess. 

The design of the e-commerce platform plays a very important role and is the first thing that users notice! 

Do not let a poor design bring your business down!

A poorly designed website will create a bad impression on the user, and he will close it immediately without even seeing what the website offers. Here are a few tips which can help you to make your e-commerce website more user friendly and attractive

  • Choose perfect typography and colour for your e-commerce platform

Perfect selection of colour and typography are very important for an e-commerce website, the colour of the website should be soothing to the eyes that will mesmerize the users to check what you offer. The colour combination should be according to the products you are offering. 

Suppose you have an e-commerce platform that deals in clothing and accessories, but the design of the website is like a store that offer warehouse products, then this means you are not able to reach the target audience. Thus, it is advised to build an e-commerce website which has a perfect colour combination, and the theme is according to the products you offer. 

Typography is also a very important phenomenon, the content written in the website should be readable and stylishly written. Apple is a great example of websites with the perfect font and colour selection. Try and achieve something similar user-friendly and easy on the eye.

  • Fascinating Copywriting Style to attract more users

The content of the website should be interesting and catchy so that it can attract more users. It often gets boring if the content is not stylish. The headings of the content matter a lot, and they should be beautifully written and catchy, with a proper colour combination with the theme. While designing your own e-commerce platform, you can take help from the copywriting style of J. Peterman. The copy in e-commerce is synced with the dressing style which creates a good mood.

  • Proper Navigation Guide to make the website user-friendly

The website should contain the proper navigation bar at the appropriate place on the page so that it is easily visible. The shopping options should be clear and well organized so that users can find their desired product with ease. The search option included in the website should be easily accessible. The search option should also provide related products when to the users when they search any particular product, this provides them with more choices and options and will surely like this feature offered by you. Amazon is one of the websites with perfect navigation guide; you can take guidance from it while designing your website.

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