Social Signals—still important for SEO ranking

Every internet marketer wants to employ best methods to gain good ranking on search engines. However, not all the people are aware of the trends and techniques.   Several people want to understand the importance of Social signals for SEO ranking. A few industry leaders have a view that social signals are vital for a good SEO ranking. 

What are social signals

However, before we divulge more into the topic, let us understand what social signals refer to?

Social signal means any activity that promotes or advances the web content through social media. For instance, retweeting, +1, Facebook likes, shares are part of social signals. 

Does it really help to have more social signals in your favor?

Earlier, there was an impression that more likes, more retweets or more +1’s you gain, these social signals would work for improving your SEO ranking. However, now days, this thought is not accepted anymore. In fact, if you research a bit more, you will find that these social signals  are not of much use if you want to acquire them for improving your SEO ranking!

Social marketers are not to blame completely for this confusion because there were times when Twitter and Facebook links were used as Social signals. But after Google authorship campaign was not a success, it was indicated earlier in 2014 that social signals Facebook likes and Twitter do not affect web search engine algorithm.

So should you stop leveraging Facebook or Twitter?

Now the confusion is still lingering that should we stop using social platforms like Facebook  or Twitter?  Despite the truth that Google does not use social signals in their algorithm, there is a strong community of SEO marketers who still believe that there is a strong relation between shares and SEO ranking. 

Here, we agree with this thought as what they are pointing to is quite true.  Why? The whole point is  a great content always inspires readers to like it or share within their circles in various social platforms, and it generates more traffic to your website and hence, a better SEO ranking. 

So what is the key takeaway here?    Create a great content!

 Focus your energies on creating content that arouses interest among the readers and gets shared more to get you more traffic and elevate your SEO ranking. 

  So indirectly, although social shares help, it is not due to social presence but due to excellent content. 

That’s why you still have points to leverage the power of social media

Although Google does not count social signals in its algorithm, social signals do play an important role as we saw in above discussion.  Being on multiple social platforms and sharing your content still should be among your important activities to further your company’s brand.   If you build a strong  base on social media platforms, your social media campaign will definitely impact your SEO ranking. 

However, at this point, it is very important to understand the difference between quantity and quality of shares.  Since all shares are not equal because a person with 50 followers cannot have the same influence as a person with 1000 followers. Moreover, engagement and interaction matters more than the number of followers.  A string and interesting content will force people to engage and to interact with those consumers to create brand awareness and more social shares. 

Once you create a powerful social presence, you can have increased exposure to your content. Also, when other people refer to it, there are more chances that more people will link to it. It will turn into more visibility to your content and more traffic! Now the icing on the cake! When your content gets shared at a greater rate, industry influencers take notice, and they may also share it. Now this will definitely   impact your SEO ranking.

You can’t ignore the importance of Social signals

Although social signals are not included by search engines for calculating   SEO ranking, they still play a major role in creating brand awareness and boosting the rank. 

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