Benefit from better promotion targeting with social bookmarking list 2020

Social Bookmarking is a link building method that allows you to bookmark a particular webpage so that others may be able to gain from the information contained in it. This technique could work wonders in driving heavy traffic to your site. With a keen knowledge of the social bookmarking strategies, Link Building Firm holds excellence in carrying out such an efficient link building process.


Social bookmarking promises to be a highly efficient one way link building method to create focused backlinks. A consummately performed social bookmarking is capable of increasing the popularity of your site to a superfluous level. This ultimately would benefit your online business both in terms of better traffic and higher returns on investment.

Social Book Marking Sites

Many social bookmarking sites are available online, prominent of these include Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, technorati, FriendFeed and so on. 

Necessary tips

Some important points to take care of while doing social bookmarking include:

  • Write relevant and catchy content for the description of your bookmarked web page or product 
  • Add description to the bookmarking sites as metadata that may include free comments, votes or labels.
  • Devote quality time on these sites to connect to as many users as possible.
  • Utilize the power and capability of videos and images to increase the traffic to your site.

Some Facts

Social Bookmarking is sometimes also termed as ‘Folksonomy’ that refers to the entire process of gathering the information and sharing it with the world in the form of bookmarks. It encourages the users to add their own tag and keyword to maintain a unique identity of their resource over internet.

Social Bookmarking list of websites

SEObyIndia is well aware that social bookmarking needs high degree of attention and considerable amount of time to carve out a niche reputation on the internet. The professionals at our company therefore are more than willing to carry out social bookmarking on your behalf. We bookmark your site, product or service to the most relevant and famous bookmarking sites. This ensures higher popularity of your resource enabling you to furnish rich benefits. T o know more about our extensive link building services, feel free to explore our site.

Social bookmarking is the process of sharing a website on content centric services where a lot of people gather to discuss a certain topic or field. Social bookmarking has become really popular in the past few years because of the superb response that websites generally get from this process. When a large group of highly engaged and focused people are presented a with a link to service that they are discussing, then a high percentage of these people choose to check out the link and discover for themselves how useful the service is for them. 

Benefit from the expertise of our online marketing professionals 

SEObyinida has perfected social bookmarking and has transformed an otherwise sequential and monotonous process into an art form. We understand that context is really important for a link to be liked by people instead of being considered as spam. Our professionals create content, both in long and short form, and submit it on relevant services during peak activity times. A lot of social bookmarking is done on services like Digg and Reddit, where there are peak traffic hours which provide greater results. We identify niche communities and submit websites to audiences that would appreciate the submission and ensure that you get the highest quality of traffic every time. 

Seobyindia offers you:

  • Content creation for social bookmarking submission
  • Identification of industry and service niche for your brand
  • Creating a list of social bookmarking services that cater to your sector
  • Fully customized plan for social bookmarking process prepared after carefully studying your brand and its services

Separating the relevant from the irrelevant 

Thousands of directories and discussion boards exist on the internet, and it is vital that anyone performing social bookmarking is able to identify the high quality services from the inferior ones. Getting carried away and submitting content regarding your brand on a service that is negatively rated will adversely affect you as well. We employ professionals who have the skill and experience to distinguish quality websites from poor ones and ensure that your brand gets a large amount of exposure without ever being negatively impacted by any of it. 1SEOIN will further ensure that your website gets high quality backlinks, complete with focused anchor text and other factors which play an important role during the website assessment performed by search engines. 

We always makes sure that when you entrust us with the promotion of your website, you get nothing but the very best results. 

  • Get an expert social bookmarking service that covers hundreds of high quality directories and bulletin boards
  • Get high quality and unique content that has been created solely for the purpose of submission on websites suitable for social bookmarking