seo during covid

How to improve your website ranking during Covid 19 Pandemic

With the growing popularity of the internet, nowadays, as an uncertainty things happen to the world where almost all businesses suffer  due to lock Down.


 As we all know Dark after light always comes in every business So here I wish to don’t be panic have patience your business will hit back again with a better online presence. 

The online presence ensures that they can acquire a large audience on their websites whom they can convert into clients. But, making a website on the internet is not enough to reach people, in order to get huge traffic to your website; you should also have a good search engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique, tactic or strategy that is used to increase the search engine ranking and also increase the number of visitors to a particular website by using search engines. 

Your reputation on Google directly impacts your trustworthiness!

Do not underestimate the importance of SEO

SEO is one most important technique that can be used to boost the visibility of a particular website or a web page in the search results of the search engines like Google, BING, and Yahoo, etc. SEO can make your website or a webpage search engine friendly, thus helping to acquire higher ranking than millions of other websites on the search engine ranking pages (SERPs). 

Get your website Google ready

Google is one of the most commonly used search engines in the world. Thus, in order to stay in the competition, it becomes very important to gain a higher Google ranking for your website. Almost every person uses this search engine to find whatever they want. Here are some tips that can help you to improve Google ranking of your website:

  • The URL extensions used for your website should be SEO friendly.

  • The title tagline of the website should be under 55 characters.

  • Optimize your website in such a way that it loads quickly.

  • Use images, videos, gifs etc. in your website.

  • The website should be optimized for social media sharing.

  • Provide the links of the authority websites of the company on your web pages.

  • Use responsive design to make sure your website or a web page successfully loads on every mobile phone.

How to improve Google ranking through the content of a web page

According to the SEO Auckland YHP, Google displays only the first 50 to 60 characters of the title tags or as many characters that would fit in a 512 pixel display, thus it is advised to have a title under 55 characters to make sure that the whole title displays in the Google results. The most important part while preparing the title tag is that it should contain the target keyword. Wrap up the title tag in H1 tag. An H1 tag makes the title tag stand out, which helps the visitors to know what the page is about immediately as soon as they open it. 

Never ignore the content on your website

The content of your website should be regularly updated, and the target keyword should appear within the first 100-150 words of the content. Google is equipped with a technology called as LSI, which analyzes the meaning of all the related keywords on the page and then determine the relevancy of the page, thus it is advised to use related keywords in the content of the pages so that Google finds your page more important.

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