With COVID-19 shifting the marketplace, a lot of businesses have made their products more accessible through online shopping. Consumers can now purchase a lot of things online that maybe they didn’t think they could before. Now anything they want, they can type into google, and google will provide many options. This is how Auckland, New Zealand, was able to shelter in place and keep up with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. New Zealand allowed their businesses to continue online for minimal contact between people. This helped the country keep cases low and eventually lead to eradicating the virus. 

As more and more companies started going online, the competition started going up for online selling. Companies wanted their products to be the first thing consumers see when they go to google something. This is where SEO comes in. They tried SEO techniques to make their content ranked. There are SEO specialists in Auckland that will help companies get their website higher up on the google search page. SEO companies in Auckland helped online businesses a lot during the pandemic to ensure that they would keep sales going. SEO writers can help make sure that companies get to the top of a google search page. During a time like COVID-19, this is especially important as more people are starting to go online to get what they need. Typically, a consumer will click on a site on page one rather than page thirty. Through this, SEO companies in Auckland use on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and social media to help promote a company’s website. Here are ten SEO companies in Auckland, New Zealand. 

  • List of Top 10 SEO company in Nz
    • Digital Marketing Agency (DMA)
    • Hyper Cube Web Design 
    • YHP
    • Digital Squad
    • Marketing Agency 
  • Digital House
  • Search Republic 
  • Net Branding
  • Just SEO
  • iDigital 
  • Here are top 10 SEO Companies in Auckland NZ

    1. Digital Marketing Agency (DMA)  The Digital Marketing Agency ranked number one in SEO Auckland. On their website, they offer SEO for many different fields that may need it, including real estate and healthcare. On their site, you can chat with their digital marketing agency or provide their phone number to call and get a free quote.  2. Hyper Cube Web Design 
    Web Design & SEO Services Hamilton
    Hyper Cube Web Design offers a wide range of services from just a simple SEO job or a full web service for companies with an online website. On their website, they have a free report for businesses to download to look into working on their websites themselves, or, they offer their phone number to call and see about receiving any of their services.  3. YHP
    YHP Agency is an SEO company in Auckland that used data driven facts to build up an SEO and marketing strategy. They provide information on what SEO actually is and other information about the other services they offer like website design, apps development, outreach much more . They can be reached through their website.  4. Digital Squad 
    Digital Marketing Agency Auckland | Digital Squad
    Digital Squad works correctly with SEO in Auckland. Their website offers a ton of information as to who they are and how they have made many loyal clients happy. They were a finalist for 2019 Yellow Page Marketer of the Year. Their phone number is on their website in a bold pink font that is easy to spot.  5. Marketing Agency  Banquet SEO offers different types of web services for the company’s websites. Their website is nicely organized, and they offer a free website analysis to any company looking into their services. Their web page is easy to navigate, and they have a bright green button for contacting them on their website after scrolling through some information.  6. Digital House 
    Digital house offers their case studies for their SEO specialists in Auckland. They give anyone who visits their website a chance to look into their site before they have to put any information in. They are a smaller company, but that leads to a more personal experience.  7. Search Republic Search Republic offers a portfolio of work on their website of companies that they have worked for. They have a wide variety of services when it comes to SEO Auckland and digital marketing. They provide both an email and a phone number to reach them.  8. Net Branding  Net Branding works in a partnership with Google. They work with their clients to help get more promotions through google ads and SEO. Their website offers information and videos for potential companies to come through and see what they have to offer. They have a free fifteen minute consultation available.  9. Just SEO Just SEO is an SEO specialist in Auckland that offers information and has a free thirty minute consultation for any company or business owner looking to optimize their website and marketing better. The site has a decent amount of videos to educate people on things like SEO and digital marketing. It is simple to book a call on their website.  10. iDigital iDigital helps companies get their website noticed online. They use social media and other public forms of marketing to get a company website recognized. They work with google based ads and platforms for SEO Auckland. They are based in Auckland central and are available to be contacted through their website. 

      These SEO specialists in Auckland give companies the help they need to get publicity during COVID-19. All of the companies above offer on page SEO, the optimization of the actual individual web pages, and off page SEO, which instead focuses on the links and other external factors. A lot of SEO companies in Auckland will also look for a lot of opportunities for social media outreach and campaigns. These different strategies help SEO specialists in Auckland to promote business, so as many people see that as possible. Depending on the business, different SEO strategies can be used to best support the business, and it’s products.  During times like these, businesses need to stay alive. In Auckland, New Zealand, this is precisely what the SEO specialists were able to do. This is how businesses were able to survive in Auckland during the pandemic. The SEO companies in Auckland allowed firms to be still able to operate online.