How to create backlinks in 2020

8 strategic ideas for link building

In the 2020 year as we know link are Literally everyone knows the importance of link building, but somehow something is lacking, and they are not getting the much-needed positive results. Well, sometimes it is just the strategic ideas that are lacking, otherwise why would only a few websites owners be benefited with link building and not all. Attractive links with a different approach should be the aim when you own a website. Simply get to know what methods work the best for you according to your business. 

It is, however, important that whatever strategies you apply, should suit your business or the type of website you own. Link building is not an easy process and is not the only thing if you want to earn traffic. But, of course if you want to be noticed, then you have to learn more about link building and get into it. 

1. Creating an epic content

Epic content is a rage these days and with a reason. Remember people, this happens only when you do the homework rightly. Creating a great content is one of the most significant reasons why you would increase links to your site. Focus on the quality that you are providing and focus on the potential clients and what they want. Also, make use of videos, infographics, and multimedia for more effect. 

2. Interviews 

Use interview opportunities to build links. Interviews are always appreciated by the blog readers, so use it to your favor by finding the right people to interview you and good questions as well. This will definitely be shared with the social media and attract links. 

3. Use of social media

Who can ignore the fact what social media can do for a business? Yes, one can definitely explore social media for link building. It’s a platform where you can spread the news of your brand; you can tell people about it in detail and post regularly so that people are aware of the new products, information and uses too. Used properly, your business’s social presence can be used to get back links. 

4. What is your competition up to?

Just check what your competitor is doing. Simply go through the content to find out about other blogs of your industry or business and go ahead and create something more better, intense and detailed topic to publish. Your competitors are a great way of knowing what clients will like and what they are interested in. This way you can provide rich topics and get a link back to your website.

5. Stay updated

Have you been with the same content for a while without thinking about changing it? That will absolutely not work at all. People get bored looking at the same content for many days and so refreshing your blogs and content often is one of the significant keys to link building. If you share something that is different and useful every time you update your website, people will definitely share it and send links. 

6. Know the importance of internal linking

So you know the importance of attracting links to your site, but did you know that you also can be benefitted if you use internal links for your website? It is not just the page that should get you traffic, but also the whole website. Visitors will like to have access to the domain so linking pages with each other should be the key.

7. Use interactive tools 

Introducing games, quizzes, and surveys are not new for link building, but only if done in a smart way. This is also one of the important ways to create interest in the visitor and engage them in this shareable asset. Simple games can also help in link building and helps in a lot of coverage. 

8. Add experts in the lists

Everybody needs recognition, and what best than naming them in your content. Create some different and useful content and name some of the experts in it that are concerned with your business. You can then approach each one of them and ask them to share the blog via the social media or link from their website. You can also include those who are not yet famous and yet get links to your website. 

Whatever you do to attract links to your website, should be done in good taste and with a unique approach because, remember all the other competitors too are using the same strategy, so if you have a unique and innovative idea, there is no reason you cannot attract links. 

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